Supplying citrus fruits to the greatest chefs as well as all cooking enthusiasts requires strict principles. From the work in the orchard, through the selection of the fruit on the tree to the harvest; L’Agrumiste works every day to provide outstanding citrus fruits to anyone willing to sublimate their creations.


We are committed to working citrus variety depending on the time of the year and not a market.
Each fruit variety is harvested at perfect maturity via a strict hand-picking slection upon clients’ orders.

We only picked the best fruits on trees, first category.

Harvesting evolve with seasons, such as plates of our customers.


72H from the tree to the plate

Once harvested, our citrus fruit goes directly to the customer with no storage time at the farm.

To ensure you can taste our fruits the fastest, we chose short distribution circuit. There is one intermediary only between the Agrumiste’s orchard and our customer.

Thanks to a thoughful logistic, we guarantee a period of 72 hours max between harvesting and the customer’s delivery.


Prendre soin de la nature pour en extraire le meilleur

Quoi de mieux que de laisser faire la nature afin de garantir le vrai gout du fruit ?

Nous avons fait le choix d’une agriculture raisonnée et traditionnelle pour préserver la santé de notre terroir. Nous désherbons toute l’année à la main, et laissons des zones intactes dans notre verger afin de favoriser la prolifération des espèces.

Nous avons entamé les démarches pour une production 100% biologique.