Laurent Boughaba

The Agrumist founder and Agrumist himself

A Bergamot orange tea, a small Mexican lime in a Mojito, a yogurt and Yuzu ice cream for dessert…citrus fruits are a true symbol of Biodiversity, with many colors, many usages and especially many tastes.

That is why I chose to defend and promote them for the last ten years.

Deeply passionate by Food and the travels we can make thanks to it, I gathered more than 250 citrus varieties in a unique orchard. Citrus cross-breeding offers thousands of new varieties, so I decided to create a Research and Development program, in partnership with French National Agronomic Research Institute, to create tomorrow’s citrus and tastes.

Whether you are a 3 star chef, a committed wholesaler or a true food passionate, The Agrumist offers you exceptional citrus, and an incredible biodiversity all year round.

Chinese tangerine, giant pomelos, Mediterranean citron, Meyer lemon, Persian lime, Japanese Sudachi…discover these varieties, learn to cook them and above all…